what exhaust for 2002 xr650l?????

well just road it and its really not to bad. at first when i started it its louder than stock but not so bad now that i road it. heres the part # from white brothers if you want. part#05-90027 honda xr650l 93-07. that the # on the box.


Thanks for the QUICK pic MM. :thumbsup: Looks great!

At 1st I thought it was a lot longer but then looked at my stock one and it's not at all.

It's deceiving because the stock one is fatter then skinnier and that makes it look shorter, but it's not.

So you are running it with the insert in, correct?

YES it came with the insert and screen and i left them in. the bike runs so good with daves mods and the exhaust. feels like my crf450.....naa crf is way more fun but the xr is a blast on the street now with the exhaust...:thumbsup:

I called White Brothers a few weeks ago and was told "we do not have the XCR for the 650L yet". I was looking for an entire system, so I wound up going with the XR's Only pipe and header, It is a stainless system and I have been pleased with the looks, sound, and performance. It came with their recommended jetting as well. I've got the WB E-2 and their stainless header on my 440 and I'm impressed with it .


I know what a CRF 450 sounds like (just sold one) and I hope you say it is QUITE A BIT quieter then them ?

Still wish the pipe was maybe 2 inches shorter or so though.

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