Another Hard Crash????

I was going through a high speed sweeper with a little double and landed face first:crazy: . It is a 4th gear 3/4+ throttle speed. I landed the double and the front tire washed out. The next thing I remembered was trying to crawl off the track and couldn't see anything!?!?!?! It took prob 30-60 seconds before I could see anything, meanwhile I could only hear voices. The next day I had trouble with confusion and dizziness. I went to the doc and he proceeded to yell at me about motorcycles and to never ride again!!! I replyed with my 4 yr old has a dirt bike :thumbsup::busted: !!!! He said to wait 2 weeks before returning to riding (actually he said never again, but if I was too wait 2 weeks).

After all that I went home and ordered a Leatt Brace and they told me a min of 4-6 week backorder (After they charged my card)... That seems to be a long time for a back order? And kind of makes me mad :thumbsup: !!!

Aren't you supposed to replace a helmet after 1 major crash? Figures, more money so whats new.....

I'm getting tired of these hard crashes. I just had ACL surgery and tore 3 of the 4 ligaments in my knee. Maybe I need to switch to pit bikes or cars???


Aren't you supposed to replace a helmet after 1 major crash?

Yes, you need to replace your helmet after you've had a concussion. :thumbsup:

I still feel like I need to replace my brain too!!!!!!! And that sucks 'cause it's only got about 10 rides in it! And they's be expensive!!!!!!!!!

crap man that sucks.

don't give it up... just take it easy.

i know whenever i have a big crash and get back into it my confidence gets beat all to crap...

rip on.

Hey brother im with you. I just crushed my clavicle last month in 4 places, all jagged edges with1 big metal nail installed to hold it all together. Im recovering now, 3 more months to go. Im over crashing hard, im going to start riding woods/trails at 1st and see how it goes..SURGURY REALLY SUCKS!! Iwas going maybe 10-15 mph, over the bars onto a large rock, shoulder 1st, big crunch sound and then it felt like my neck and shoulder where on fire. Doc says a neck roll would have probably lessened the serevity of it.. Evs makes a neck roll called the RC3. ima'getmesumadat! These are really cool and will make you feel safe as well. Heal up Dude and ride smart! -JR

Maybe I need to switch to pit bikes


Yep, crashing sucks. But, I doubt pit bikes is the answer. At least not a motarded pit bike. Lately, more friends have broken bones on pit bikes than on big bikes. They're kind of like 3-wheelers, they give false sense of security "safeness" right up to the point that they bite you in the butt.

Ya it really suck to get injured, broke my knee cap and foot last year trail riding so you never know when it's going to happen ,so Im starting to compile a good list, rist,shoulder, forearm ,knee cap twice,concusion,dislocated vertabrates, and lots of stretch ligament lol ,but always manage to get back on it ,it just to much fun

I still feel like I need to replace my brain too!!!!!!!

pssst...yooz sez yooz need a new brain? I knowz a guy...does it cheap.

Bummer man hope you're back in the saddle soon:thumbsup:

Well,,,,,,I rode again last weekend (not Dr recomended). Shhhhh! It felt ok...My collar bone was dislocated in the crash and it reminded me of the crash the whole time I was riding (bearable though)!!! It felt ok to ride. I just can't get enough of it!

Hey woods are tougher than the track! Them trees hurt like a s0n 0f @ b!T(%!!!!

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