Tusk Rotors

My rear rotor is bent and needs to be replaced. Has anyone tried the Tusk rotors from Rocky Mountain? The price is right but I don't know how the quality or performance is. Or should I just stick with a factory or EBC rotor. Any info. appreciated.:thumbsup:

I have bought some Tusk stuff, and you get exactly what you pay for. Not buying anymore of it but will continue to buy from RMATV. They are a stocking dealer and offer great service with super fast shipping.

The tusk rotors are just as good as the EBC rotars and half the price. Unless your R C you'll never know the difference.

I have 6 50+ mile rides on my Tusk rotor over the last two weeks and it is great. I am glad I didn't waste money on the EBC. I also use the Primary Drive sprockets and they are just as good as any other cheap steel sprockets.

^^^^ Exactly. Tusk/Primary Drive has some great products.

I just bought one for that great price and it worked no different than stock, I forgot all about it never even gave it a thought either way for the last 2 rides, thats because it worked just the same as stock, but doesn't look as cool as the wave rotor, but I don't care. I use the wave on the supermoto set up and the Tusk for the swicth back to dirt.

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