Help, XR650R engine noise

My 650R makes a sound almost like gravel rolling in a barrel when at steady speed on the street, low to medium rpm. Its not always and it sounds like it might be from the top end somewhere. It's definately not valves. I'm thinking maybe its the timing chain? Are there any comon problems with the timing chain and tensioner that I should know about? Thanks

Have you done any work to it? Is there alot of hours on your bike?

After checking the oil....

I would think that it is the timing chain/tensioner getting loose if you have many hours on the bike.

That symptom in a car means pre-ignition, knocking, pinging...use higher octane gas. Don't ignore the warning. Could damage piston.

Thaks guys, I'll definately be looking into the timing chain and tensioner. Not sure how many hours it has but it could be lots.


have you put on a different skid plate? I know that on both my xr200 and my xr400 when i put a alluminum skid plate on it, I started hearing all kinds of noises that i didn't normally hear. nothing wrong with the bikes just that it reflected the sound back at me. so if my main bearings go, I will really hear it.

I think you're on to something with the skidplate, cause I just put one on the other day. I did tighten the adjuster a bit too. Maybe my imagination that it got a bit quieter. Thanks for the suggestions.

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