1995 650L pics?

I am going to look at a 95 650L that I might buy and was wondering if anyone has any pics of some? And also how was they back then, reliability and durability? Thanks alot:thumbsup:

They are all pretty much the same except for color from 93 right on up to 07!

The most popular and cheapest mods are to take the pollution device off and upgrade the carb with "Daves Mods".

They hold their value well and I have seen more white ones in the 2500-3000 range then 2000-2500 .

Possibly I saw the one you are looking at since I have been eyeing them all for a week or so now.

I just bought a 94 myself.

Here they all are 93-98 ..........


Most likely problem for a '94 is the random CDI failure, which is supposed to be 'not a problem' after, what was it, '98 or '99?


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