Fly Wheel

I just got my new GYT-R flywheel, 04 YZ 450,They sent the wrong one.GYT-5TA97-50-00 (5.0 Inertia)I wanted the GYT-5TA97-50-50 (6.2 Inertia) Is there a big enough difference to send it back?

I own a GYT-R GYT-5TA97-50-00, and a Dr.D 8oz (about a half ounce heavier than the GYT-5TA97-50-50), and yes, there definitely is a significant difference.

Thanks greyracer513, I Will send it back and get the heavier one. Dan

If I were you, I'd send it back for refund, than get a Dr. D flywheel. Dr. D allows you to purchase a flywheel at what weight you want, and than if you decide that you need a heavier or lighter model, you simply pay the shipping fee, send back the one you have, and exchange for the weight you want. Evidently, they let you do this as many times as you want.

I run the Dr. D 6 oz. heavier model, and find it's about perfect for track/trail riding.

Thanks for the advise flintlock28,I,m going to look in to it. Dan

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