Air Filter Choice

I know that air filter discussions have been going on since the inception of them. But here we go again i just want to know who are if any,are using the K&N air filter on their WR's. I have an oppurtunity to get one for free but i do not want it if it isn't worth it. I currantly using a Twin Air and a No-Toil. I like them both, they work great, just want to know if there is any gain in any areas with the K&N.

I always use the green one it gives me 15 more HP and if a truck load of dirt is dumped on it thedirt just disappearsand the engine never gets any contamination wear. !!!!! Seriously , I have always had good luck with the UNI filters and everyone with a different opinion has also had good luck with the filter of their choice. My recommendation is to use a quality filter and ride your bike without worrying about it. WR Dave. PS--- Flames will be accepted around back where they belong --with the rest of the opinions. ! You know they are like A$$holes--everyone has one.

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