XR650LDave's carb Mods jet part #'s??

I am going to do Dave's carb mods and the dealer is giving me the "blank stare" with anything other than stock carb jetting for part #'s or applications!!Grrrrr.

Does anyone have the Honda part # for the 158 main jet and the 55s pilot?

I am in Canada and if anyone knows where I can get the jets aftermarket here other than Honda that would be good too.

Is the main jet a big head or small head?

I believe I need the 55s or short pilot jet?

How do I tell the s pilot from the others?


I found conflicting part numbers and advice. Call the TT store and they'll get you the right ones. Just specify what sizes you want. That's what I did and I had no problem:ride:

OK Gettin stupid now!

The main jet was easy to identify but the pilot jet seems bizarre.

There are several styles/sizes of Keihn pilot jets available in 55.

There is a short one, a long one and there is also the same jets with either 0.6mm nozzle holes and 0.8mm nozzle holes.

There also appears to be at least 2 different head sizes.

I have seen 424-24, 424-25, 424-26 series as well as 424-B series all listed as Keihn pilot jets available in size 55.

The Honda dealer continues to display a nonapproving blank stare!LOL

I need to identify the Keihn # as I'm in Canada and ordering parts from the US is a pain and expensive after the border spanking.

Which 424 series pilot is the right one???


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