graphics are peeling off what to do??

I recently put newer graphics on my bike and they seemed to stick well and everything was great.

I didnt ride my bike for about 3 weeks and when I went to get it out for a ride today I noticed that one side has peeled off the shroud and was laying on the ground.

What can I use to reglue the thing back on or am I outa luck?



A hair dryer and a rag should put it back.

make sure when you put ur decals on u get a some soapy water clean off the area set the decal where u like it and then get a hair dryer and something to smoothe it out like a plastic squeege and you should have no problems

If you have a heat gun, use that. If not, go get some 3M spray glue(about $10). That stuff is amazing. I bought some cheap graphics on Ebay one time, and they peeled after about a week. 3M worked great.... Hair dryers work too, they just take a little longer.

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