Cam chain replace?

Anyone have some instructions for me on how to replace the cam chain in my 05 450? I reviewed the owners manual but can't seem to find an exact procedure for the removal/installlation process. The only thing that I have done so far to this bike engine wise was a valve check last year. How is the cam chain removed? Do I need to remove the left side case to get to the cam's to remove the chain or is it a master link process? Also, I just got my Dr. D 6oz flywheel weight today with a flywheel puller and a new case gasket. Should these two parts (cam chain and flywheel weight) be done at the same time since I'm gonna have the left side case removed because i don't want to have to get another gasket if they are done seperately. Thanks for the help!


Thank you! I did a search but didn't find that one?? I'm a little nervous about getting the timing correct but I'm gonna give it a shot.

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