Wr400 vs Wr450

I am thinking about updating my '99 wr400 to a '03/04 Wr450, mainly for the elec start. Is there any big difference in front end handling between the 2 models or are they the same as the 400 and tend to wash out in corners etc.

Is there much difference in handling between the 400 & 450 when having to push them through tight forestry trials as I've read in other forums about the 400 being top heavy where as the 450 carries the weight lower.

my dad had a 99 wr400 i was on a yz250 at the time but he would let me ride ocasionaly (we ride in the woods) and i loved it. but i had to out do him so i got an 05 wr450 and it deffinatly feels faster but it also feels more top heavy thats just my opinion

the 400 is a great bike that has only one fault: no e-start. If you don't care about the e-start than just stay with the 400, if you do (like I do) upgrading to a 450 is the way to go. I rode a yz400 once ( I know not excactly the same), and I thought it was an all-around decent bike.

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