extra hp from open air box.

A have an 05 650r all uncorked with hrc tip etc. Thought i might open up the air box and see what happens. Haven't ever checked the jetting thinking that it would have had the 68s in it. [in Australia you can buy the bike road ready,lights etc from the dealer and it also comes with the uncorking parts] I got them to uncork it before i picked it up. When i checked the jets it only had a 65 pilot and a 175 main. No wonder it always overheated in the tight stuff. So i changed to the 68s and a 185. Same time i hole sawed out 4 x inch holes on top of the side cover. I thought round holes were the go because you can put [fence post on wall type] inch plastic plugs in them if you have to plug them. Man the bike has definatley gained more grunt. 3rd gear power wheelies have become a lot easier and i love the throaty sound out of the air box. What a bike!:thumbsup:

Can you post a pic of these plugs? I like the idea of more airflow but I like to wash my bike often too.

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