XR 650L Eastern PA (others close by too) guys - carb mod ?'s

Hey All

Just wondering which mod (Daves,Dynojet?) you did and what jet sizes you are running?

What air filter are you running ?

I'm in Slatington PA, firgure what works for you should be in the ballpark for me too.

Thank You :thumbsup:

I'm in central Jersey and I have the Q2, snorkel off, foam air filter, 55 pilot, 160 main and needle shimmed .29. Starts and runs PERFECT throughout the rev range. The only time I have a problem is when I forget to turn the gas back on:mad: :thumbsup::busted::thumbsup::cheers:

What elevation are you at?

What bibleman says should be right on for your elevation. Maybe try a 158 instead of the 160. Thats with Daves mods.

The reason I went with the 160 is that I'm pretty sure Dave's mods are spec'd out for a bike with the stock exhaust. So with the slightly better flow with the Q2 and the fact that I'm almost at sea level I thought it would be best. Plus I'd rather err on the side of richer:prof:

thats how i read it also Bible 158 for stock silencer.

Hey guys, im new and id like some help please. I just bought a dynojet kit for my xr650l 2008 and on the instruction sheet, near the end, it says to ‟drill the plug, then use the screw they gave you to secure then remove the plug”. I have absolutely no idea what they mean by that. The rest is pretty simple : change the main jet for the one they gave you and do the same with the needle and the slide spring. Im just completely lost when it comes to the famous plug. They must mean its important so i restrained from upgrading my carb till i shed light on this. Hope someone can help. Thank you all.

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