98 xr l 650

hey im waiting to get a manual for my bike but im worried about my clutch it only works the last inch on lever cant get it any better on cable i just bought the bike 25k on it can i adjust it in side or can i just but clutch plates or is there more i should change inside.And one other thing im having a hard time when i drive over a manhole with my back tire coming of the road is this normal i tried to adjust my back shock it gets a bit better any help would be great thanks

So your saying you have cable adjustment as far as it's adjustability will go and you only feel resistence the last inch?

Hopping up going over a man hole cover :thumbsup::thumbsup::busted: Dude, I have no idea what's up with that ? Is there any damping at all in rear or does it "bounce" up and down easily with no controlled damping to the spring at all?

Hey, please, if you would, try to use a bit more punctuation and paragraphs, it's hard to read when it's all rolled into one like that.

Possible your rear shock needs a rebuild and is kabluied ?

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