Installed my new spokes on my WR 400 and...

it is still not perfect. I spent a couple of hours on the rim trying to true it back up. I just got the bike a couple of weeks ago and the spokes were in horrible shape, the wheel was extremely out of shape/round whatever. Honest to God only about 3 of them were tight. It was missing about 6 spokes, a couple were dangling when I got it. I have research truing methods on here and I think this is about the best this wheel is gonna get based on what I brought it from. I can't afford a new wheel, so will it be okay to ride if it is not 100% true/round? I know I will have some wobble on smooth roads, but I will be on the trails where I won't notice it much. Anyone else ride their WR's with spokes like mine?

anyone?? Will it be okay to ride...

If you got it close you will be OK. Alot of people buy a bike and never touch anything and they seem to get away with it. As long as you haven't overtightened the spokes I think you will be good to go. I just got a spoke torque wrench from and my spokes were all very close to Yamaha specs. WR Dave

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