Yzf/Yfz cylinder sleeve

Does anybody know if you can resleeve the yzf/yfz cylinder keeping stock displacement?

it would probly be cheaper to buy a new cyl from a yamaha discount store,even if it isn't cheaper i wouldn't do it;to many problems can occur. :thumbsup:

Agreed. Your best options are to replace the cylinder with new OEM, or to bore and replate the original. You could also go with a big bore kit that uses the stock cylinder, such as the 470cc kit for the YZ450, and it would cost about what replating does.

Sleeving introduces several problems related to heat transfer, thermal expansion rates, and piston fit that aren't present with a Nikasil aluminum bore, and as much as the process has improved, it still isn't as good as what you had in the first place.

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