Yep, another filter question...

I personally like the K&N filters...I believe that a bikes ability to breath freely is very important, however, this is my first 4t and I take heed to the valve issue but went ahead and got my new baby a K&N anyway. I was surprised to see that this filter (designed for the yz450) came with a nice little package of safeguards, a filter seal, a hollow metal dowel that seals the screw hole, the top part of the filter is seperate from the side body kind of like a "lid'' and it seals as well so the K&N people obviously put some effort in safeguarding which makes me feel safe, I also took it one step further and bought this, , it is a filter dust cover designed for this filter to take its capabilities to the extreme. My question is does anyone have any experaince with it and if so is there any tips you can give me on using it correctly etc.

I am pretty confident that this combined with the way that the filter and its accessories were engineered with a complete seal in mind I shouldnt have any issues.

Thanks for any advice in advance!


thanks Gray,

Yea, I read that post and of course you are right. IMO Its easier to oil the K&N (aerosol) but harder to clean, well, more time consuming anyway but I feel like its worth the extra effort. Any thoughts on the pre-charger?



Without the dust cover I found out that even with extra filter oil the K&N filter let dust into the air boot. I wouldn't go with them again. Twin Air last long and does a good job filtering.

Honestly, how bad are the K&NS compared to foam filters? I just washed my stocker tonight, (only second time...havnt had the bike more than two months) and noticed the foam sealing ring is tearing! Im looking into the K&N, I like the cleaner and oil in their recharger kit, and I have experience with K&N filters on ford diesel engines...and are really happy with them. so if I kept up on using K&N's cleaner, and their oil, and made sure to do it correctly, would I really be that bad off? $70 is a lot to spend on something worse than a foam filter...

also, what about sealing? would I have to use grease like on the foam filters? or does the K&N seal better?

My personal opinion; stay away from the K & N......their filter's are awesome for on-road applications, that don't see high amounts of dust, but for an off-road bike, the consensus is that they're too difficult to get oiled PROPERLY. I've read too many posts from people who've used them, and found dirt get by them.

I recommend the MOOSE filter's....they don't require sealing grease (built in Neoprene sealing edge), and they are durable. I've used the Yamaha stock filters, Twin-Air filters, UNI filters, and still I recommend the MOOSE brand.

I'm not knocking K & N (I use one in my F-150 pickup truck)...but too many bad stories.

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