Clutch problems XRR.

I`ve been riding a couple of months now with my SM tires and ive noticed that the clutch has started to slip.

The engine has been worked over so its a bit more powerfull than stock.

Ive allready have the extra steelshim in there so the next step would be stiffer springs?

Could the springs from another streetbike work?:thumbsup:

Be sure your not running an oil with any Moly additive's.

No,I´m using Valvoline 10-40 Dino oil.

i've got the same problems with my sm tires on.. but remember, you are on a dirt bike. these bikes are made to be in the dirt where the rear wheel is able to break traction under power and spin the tire. it not as likely to do so on the street as much, so you are bound to wear your clutch out much faster, especially with aggressive riding.. TIME FOR A NEW CLUTCH FOR THE BOTH OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a similar problem when building my 440, I could just power through the clutch in high gear with new tires. I ended up buying an 8 disc Hinson clutch set-up. Pricey but it fixed the power delivery problem. Had to buy the basket,hub,pressure plate, springs and discs. It was in my opinion worth the effort. When beefing things you will find the weak link.

I too found that the street was ripping through the clutch, I just upgraded to the Hinson myself and use OEM plates only.....

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