Electric starter on a wr400 1998

Is it possible to add a kit for an electric starter for a WR400 1998 ????? :thumbsup:

It would be cheaper and a lot less hassle to update to 450. At least it will work reliably and would be standard parts for any repairs etc.

^^^^ I agree. There is a company somewhere selling kits for the XR650 and 400. The kit included a crank from TRX400 (quad), flywheel, starter and few other things. My point is that the whole thing runs for about $2000. I just dont think it's worth it. As said above, for that kind of money (probably a little more than that) you could get the 2003 450 or newer.

Wow, I agree whit you guy 2000$$ is to much for put on a old bike....Thanks for response. :thumbsup:

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