XR650R snapped fork pinch bolts HELP!!

HI, new to the forum and this bike. Was tightening the fork pinch bolts and managed to snap 2 of them off.:thumbsup: Is there a stud screwed into the fork leg or is it cast in?

Any tips for a fix?


Might be able to drill the remaining bolt and get an EZ Out in to wind them out.

thanks for the fast reply, do you happen to know if they are studs or if they are cast into the alloy which would stop them turning?


They are replaceable studs. Only 9 ft/lbs on those--snuggin' em' down with a 1/4 drive socket is sufficient, 9 ft/lbs isn't much.

I've done this myself. They are studs that come out. I unscrewed mine out with a pair of vise grips. They took quite a bit of work to get out.

They sell the right studs at ACE hardwear also. Much easier and faster then ordering them from Honda. Usualy there is enough sticking out to grab with chanel locks and spin them out.

Thats a relief, Ill try and unscrew them today, theres about 1cm sticking out on each one so should be enought to remove it :thumbsup:

USE A TORQUE WRENCH most have no idea how much some of these small bolts need by hand do yourself that favor and your bike. even a cheap one from harbor freight is better than snapping and stripping.

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