trying to find bike????

im trying to find a bike that is good on trials and motor cross..... i found 05 yamaha yz 450 for sale and i was wonder ing if that would be a good bike...:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Need a lot more info

Your Size

How long have you been riding

What kind of trails? Fire roads

Without know any of the above info, I would have to say to look for a YZ250F first. I ride both MX and single track and switch for a YZ426 to YZ250F. I can hold the 250F open and still stay in control. Not the same with the 450s

i have been riding since october of 2006... weigh about 170....the trails i ridde though are just the woods ...i have been getting in to motorcross just now and i like it, but i have a crf 230 which might be be to small for me..

i would get a 250f, there a lil easier to control than the 450s, at least wide open. I almost wanna switch from the 450...

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