What year YZ cam?

I have an 06 WR450 and want to purchase the YZ4350 exhaust cam here at the TT store. What year do I buy? I only ask this because in 2006 the YZ seems a lot different than the WR.

do what i done, and always do, go back one year if you want any YZ parts for your WR, I bought an 05 yz cam from yamaha to put on my 06 wr. this rule of thumb almost always works.

Why? I dont want to guess I thought someone out there might have some actual persol knowledge.

Stick With The Oem 2005 Yz450 Exhaust Cam...

Get Rid Of The Yamaha "ais" Kit Needle And Stick In A 99 Yz400f Needle. [# Obdvr- 4th Clip Position] Your New Wr Is Gonna Scare Ya!

'05 YZ Cam, no worries...SC

Got one comming thanks for the replies!!

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