Went to canada and picked up a 426 today from the bill at 5th gear.Got a heck of a deal 4600 otd cant beat that anywhere,i will have to get a usfs legal pipe though.Seeing how i saved 2200-2400 us on the purchase that wont hurt so bad.Anyone thinking of buying in the near future should give 5th gear a call 604-542-2487 or search this bulletin board for fifth gear he is on it.Cant wait to try it out will let everyone know how it goes! :):D:D

hit man wanted 15 guys to get together and get a deal on Dr.D's hot start. I'd like to see if we could get a bunch of guys together and get a deal on the pro-billet spark arrestor. $120 is still cheaper than a new pipe, but less is always better! i bought three bikes out of canada through a guy over in Seattle and saved so much money it's unreal. Helps when you live in the NW though

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