I recently purchased an 02 wr426 (about 4 mo ago), and have already kinked the back wheel beyond repair, and flat-spotted the front.

Are the stock wheels really that bad, or am I doing something wrong?

I'm running Maxxis Desert IT's front and rear, with 14lbs in front, and 12 in rear (sometimes 13 - 11 respectively).

I looked to see if they are Excel, but they don't say it anywhere. They are, however, made by the same manufacturer.

What can I do?:thumbsup: (in addition to replacing the wheels)

Anyone have a good set for sale? (must be 18in rear)

Sounds like your spokes were loose. If the spokes are loose the wheel doesn't have a chance of staying true.

No, I'm cerain the spokes were tight. I check them every couple of rides. More importantly, they are not un-true, they are kinked and flat spotted. The inner part of the wheel is round, the lip is peeled back. I really would swear it was low tire pressure, but they were still at 14/12 when I got back from riding.

I guess I'll check my guage against a couple other peoples. Apparently, I'm the only one who has this problem, so it must be something I'm doing. I've done a search for other people with complaints about wr wheels, and have found nothing. Makes me think it's the moron between the bars and the seat that's causing the problem :thumbsup:

What are you riding in? If you are in some real knarly rock stuff you might want to up the pressure some.

yeah, it's some pretty typical desert riding. I think when I kinked the back rim, I was doing about 50, and pulled the front wheel up to clear a sudden rut (two foot deep by two foot across). I hardly felt it, but it did make quite a shudder through the bike. Can't think of anywhere else it woulda happened.

There's a lot of square edged rocks and volcanic debris here, so I may have to. I hate to lose that extra traction though. Thanks for the replies. I'll test my guage, and maybe try running 15/13. I might look at some bigger tires too, just for that added protection. I really don't want to spend 400 on rims, only to destroy those too.

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