Where can I buy a fork seal install tool?

last year my left fork seal leaked a little, this year it's way worse, it's gonna need a new seal, I was gonna order a factory one but seen the video on this and they use a two peice seal installer, where can we purchase them? or would it be better for me to use the synergy seals which don't require use of this tool?

Motion Pro make them. Take a look at the tried and trusted Thumpertalk Store - sure they've got them, otherwise I know BTOSports.com have them (just been on their site)

Also check out www.pitposse.com , they seem to have every kind of tool possible and for a pretty good price. Shipping to Canada was no problem and they use USPS so we don't have to pay for the product again in handling fees ( UPS/ FedEx :thumbsup: ). WR Dave.

Just use some pvc tubing Max.

Hey Max, I recently changed mine using ABS pipe.

The guys can correct me if I am wrong, but I found the seals literally "pressed in" very easily ONLY IF I got the metal slide hammered home properly. The ABS pipe worked great for pressing in the seals, not so good for hammering the metal slide home.

Here is a thread from DBW with pictures that helped me tremendously (along with the manual of course). I did spill a lot of oil all over, even on the carpet at the foot of the stairs in the garage. My wife didn't say a word to me. I am sure she has filed that one away and I will hear about it at a later date.


Best of luck bud.

rockymountainatv.com sells tusk ones for cheap. no point buying a motion pro for more money when they're the same

thanks guys, im definately gonna order one, but wondered what else I need to do the job?

thanks guys, im definately gonna order one, but wondered what else I need to do the job?

Your manual, new fork oil, a carton of beer and some patience. :thumbsup:

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