yz 426 vs wr differences

i am looking at a yz? maybe wr? the owner is not sure what it is what is a main diff to look for i saw many diff odd things such as no headlight but 18 rear wheel is there a for sure thing to look for on the outside im tinking the bike possibly had a 18 inch wheel put on it. Is there anything else to help me tell. the bike is a 2002 426

oh and the bike has an acerbis tank on it so not able to tell there the owner said the pinkslip didnt say yzf or wr just lr

or something?

I can tell you the cam timing is one tooth different on the WR and it has a higher output alternator but physically other than lights I believe they are the same. Run the Vin on Carfax. it will tell you the model and year for free

Try looking for a kickstand. I think that about the only physical thing that you would notice... the only other way would be to get pinned on a straight it should go faster than about 78 mph.

well it had a kickstand darn i thought i found a yzf project looked to be alot of work though ok well ill continue looking but will probably end up with a 250 2t.

Thats lucky, you almost bought yourself a wr426 :thumbsup:

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