01 XR650R chain & sprocket ????

I just finished (actually 75%) of my XR conversion.. The XR stock chain is 110 link and had a 13/48 when I got it. I put a 14/44 combo on it and someone said the 110 chain would work. It is a new chain and haven't even run it enough to stretch it and it already seems to long.

I am new to this Sumo stuff. I am used to my RC51 chain being snug all the time with little play without a problem.

I understand the swingarm / suspension travel plays a part. The rear axle is already clear back to the back of the swingarm and it is only slightly slightly snug with me on it.

Is this normal or is the chain too long for a 14/44?

Thanks........ PIP

On dirtbikes ya always gotta cut the chain to length when new.


Yep theres nothing wrong with it they make em longer to suit alot of different applications of gearing. grind off a link or two whatever you need to make it the correct length and where you want the back wheel in the swingarm.

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