Semi-Custom White Decals

Where can I find some custom white decals for my 06 yzf? I dont mean creating my own and sending in artwork. Im talking about the semi-custom decals with a certain design you add sponsor logos to. I have the henry kit and I have no left side shroud graphic and the right side is almost gone.

Thanks Everyone!

Yeh, I've checked there, but they only have blue templates.

maybe i know u can pick ur own sponsors

I believe you can get about any color you want from these guys. I am going to do the same thing for white plastics and have an email in to them right now.

thanks matt. pm me if that works out for you

thanks matt. pm me if that works out for you

I will probably do something in the next couple of weeks. I just ordered my new plastics last night. I may go down to their shop since they are less than an hour away from me and check it out and talk to them in person.

I'll keep you posted.

Try Decal Works. I just got a semi custom kit for my white 07. They changed the Blue to white and silver. I got them on Friday. I will post pics once they are on.



Those look good lottapark2. Post a pic of your bike after you stick them on

Yea, those are gonna look nice!

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