oil drain plug

I just got a 98 wr 400 and the guy wasnt too great at maintenance (changed alot already) but the oil drain bolt is stripped. I am going to eventually get it removed somehow...??? but is it cool to ride if I drain it out of the frame drain bolt, alot of oil came out, and also clean the oil filter. or would I be leaving alot of stuff not drained to hurt the engine, thanks

if you've run the motor to warm before changing it, most of the oil will be in the frame. If you change the filter, and it looks clean (no shavings from clutch or metal), then you might be ok to ride. I'd probably do it, just because i'm an addict, and can't wait to get things fixed right. When I drain my oil, I get very little out of the case, and alot from the frame. If you let it sit too long though, all the oil will drain down into the case, and you won't get nearly enough out. Kinda expensive machines to half a$$ things though...

Ya when i warm up the engine good then drain the frame I get 90% out, I suppose if you clean the filter it isnt a big deal to do it that way, change oil fairly often and get 90% everytime....or you could spend an hour and get the bolt out and get the other 7oz

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