Terrycable 12oz Flywheel weight installation

Ok, I bought one and need to get it installed. Is it possible to F&*k this up? I haven't removed the engine/flywheel cover yet and wonder if this is going to be a snap or what. Has someone had the experience of installing one of these? I'd like to hear about your process/horrors/joys.

I just bought the 10 oz. kit from Terrycable, and am doing the install as I write this. I'm just waiting for a buddy to get home so I can use his drillpress. The install is very easy and straight forward. Hardest part so far (and it wasn't that bad) was removing the flywheel. That bugger was on there, and I had to reef to get it loose.

The Terrycable weight lines up perfectly on the flywheel, and the kit comes with drill bit guide bushings and everything else you need (except the 1/8" pilot drill bit) for a precision job. Just be sure to clean all the threads with a solvent (I use brake cleaner), and use high-strength locktite on all 6 bolts. And make sure to line up the little hole on the weight with the timing mark on the flywheel.

The one thing I couldn't believe with the Terrycable kit is when I saw the "blue" case spacer. I called them and asked if they had any plain aluminum ones, and they said I was the first one to ever complain about the blue spacer. Maybe it's just me, but I think a blue spacer sitting up against the stock magnesium case would look like crap. I asked them if they make the spacers blue for marketing purposes, and they admitted yes. They figure your buddies will see the blue spacer (how could you miss it!), and ask you what it's for. You tell them that it's for your neat $150 flywheel weight that you got from Terrycable. :) .....and I guess then they'll want to buy one.

Good luck with the project, and don't worry, it's a piece of cake! :D

hey don't worry about the blue on the spacer after about 3-4 washings mine turned silver,the anodizing must react with s100 which is what i use to clean my bike with


Originally posted by Tim in WA:

Maybe it's just me, but I think a blue spacer sitting up against the stock magnesium case would look like crap........it's a piece of cake! :)

Mine's only two weeks old and still blue, but the blue isn't really that ugly afterall.

I agree it's an easy job. Hardest part was popping the flywheel off. As long as you have a drill press there shouldn't be any reason you'll cause irreparable damage.

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