Where can you find these lubes?

Where can you find molybdenum disulfide oil,lightweight lithium-soap base grease and molybdenum disulfide grease:excuseme:

Explain what each is to be used for. The nomenclature is a little bit generic.

In the service manual on the YZ450F they want you to use the lithium soap base grease on the oil seal lip on the clutch boss,and the molybdenum disulfide grease.......like on the rear shock bearing and dust seal lips also on the front fork around the dust and oil seal lip and on the fork tube around the (shiny part) between the oil and dust seal lip,and the molybdenum disulfide oil on the valve stem ends.

For the white lithium application you mentioned, the grease is the typical white lithium automotive general purpose grease commonly know as "Lubriplate". Any auto parts store would have it.

For shock linkage, etc., use a good, Extreme Pressure #2 (EP2) chassis grease containing Moly, and preferably water resistant. Again, an auto parts store.

The oil for the valve stem ends is not absolutely necessary, and in fact, unless I'm assembling a fresh engine with new parts, I don't use moly oils or pastes in the engine at all, just my normal engine oil on everything that moves. If you do use it, get some moly assembly lube (guess where) and use it SPARINGLY. Just a dab. If you use enough that it would squeeze out the sides of the two parts when they push together, you used more than you needed.

Thanks for the info gray! really helped!

Molybdenum disulfide is otherwise known as assembley lube.
The specific application he mentioned, greasing the shock bearing, etc., should never be done with assembly lube. It simply is not adequate for the job, and is not what is called for. In fact, it would be better to use common, non-moly, non-water resistant EP2 grease than assembly lube on any of the rear suspension linkage.
Molybdenum disulfide is otherwise known as assembley lube.

I have the assembley lube: Pro circuit brand:applause: Iam going to use it for the top end rebuild.

The light weight lithium soap base grease is one I was wondering where to get it.

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