Finally found a used WR426@ a good price, I think?

I had a guy call me today and he has a 2001 WR426 he wants to get rid of. He said it's brand new with pro taper bars. He's even got a license plate on it! I didn't know you could ride one of these on the street. Is $3800 a good price? I'm thinking it's pretty good going by all the 5-6 grand prices some people are wanting for 98 and 99's. To be honest, I think it's too good, maybe there is something wrong with it he isn't telling me. Any comments will be read with interest. I think I've read almost all the posts in here since I became a member. You guys know alot of stuff!! :)

Look it over,Test ride it,ask im what mods he did, and then buy it. As far as the plate its a plus they go down the road nicely. if he's got the thottle stop and baffle out it should pull 3rd gear wheelies with no problem. if alls ok 3800 bucks is a GOOD price.

Sounds real good, providing all is true.



A few weeks before christmas I staerted looking for a WR426. I'd of been happy with a clean used bike but as you've found out they list for more than equal year YZ's. The best deal I saw on the net was a bike listed on this forum, but it was in a different state, locally the best I could find was $5000. I decided to spend a little more for a new bike. I think that is an excellent price for a clean 01. If you decide not to purchase it send me a PM with the guys name and number. I've got a bud who'll buy it, after riding mine he's also ready to jump over to the four stroke side of the fence.

Let us know how you like it if you make the purchase.

My wife and I got the money together today to have money in hand to make the deal. THe guy sold it yesterday!! I was 12 hours too late. Man this sucks. It was nice too. My wife's tired of me talking about it. She suggested getting a CBR600 so she can ride too. I have basically new gear to offroad with but nothing for the street. I'll keep lookin, though.


Don't take this as a letter from a second father. But if you really are new to 2 wheels you'd be alot better off if you buy a dirt bike and learn to ride offroad.

I've got a son who is 19(almost 20) and has been riding since 3rd grade. A couple of his friends whos parents didn't ride, or allow them to ride as young adults, promptly bought screaming sixes after graduation. They both got a real quick lesson in just how capable these bikes are. They also were new to 2 wheels and there is no doubt in my mind that they would of been better off learning to ride offroad.

It could of been alot worse than roadrash for one and a broken arm for the other. There is a direct correlation between how fast your going and how hard you hit the ground.(the faster,the harder) and as you are learning to become a rider there will be some spills.


Are you the guy a while back that was wondering how come there wasnt any WR/YZ 4-strokes in your area?

MOmilkman, yes that would be me. I've checked out all the web sites and newspapers in my area for a WR. Most everyone wants too much money for me to pay out for one. I don't want to finance a bike because the Insurance kills me. Gotta stay within the budget my wife and I agreed upon.

I'm sure a streetbike is out of the question as I'm an amatuer to bikes. My wife suggested it, but I'd rather go offroad. No cars to worry about in the dirt, just them freakin quads!! hehe

I will keep an eye out for you. If I see one reasonably priced, I'll let you know.

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