SoCal jetting for XR650L

Can all of you that are in the SoCal area or close in the southwest let me know what jetting your using? I am in the process of doing the dave's mods and reading on alot of the older posts here that there is a little bit of a variance of what everyone is actually using so im trying to see what my local neighbors got on there bikes. Im in the high desert area around Victorville and thinking that i should be around 58/162 or 165. I have a whitebros E-series with 12 discs, UNI filter, all smog removed and blocked, removed snorkel, rest stock. I recently removed the snorkel and it seemed to make it a bit leaner so i just wanted to see what you guys were using with about the same mods that ive got. Thanks

I ride Dist.-37 dez. events, so I am around the same area as you. I run 58/162 with an 8 plug in the winter and a 9 plug in the summer.Also you mite try running 8 to 10 discs. I found that by running a lot of discs will give more top end but takes away from the bottom end. ( I don't need a 100mph dirt bike, 75 to 80 does me just fine)


Have you done the mod yet, and how's it working for you, if you have? Being in the same area, I am curious. I would like to get smoother throttle and less popping when I let off the throttle. Thanks.

YES i did sorry dont get here often I got a new toy a '06 CBR600RR so ive been looking at forums there alot LOL. I went 58/162 and the only thing i see that isnt the same is the idle it fluctuates a bit sometimes normal and then when i stop it will drop a tad low but i just blip the throttle and its fine. Im happy with it i didnt see a huge gain like some but its a little better. I didnt grind off the tab on the air/fuel mixture screw like it said cus when i went 2 1/2 out it was in the middle of adjustment so i can go 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 so i wont have to change that more than that so i skipped that step. everything else was easy and good for the bike. If you have any problems or just not confident give me a call since where in same city and ill help you out no problems there. 792-9398 Dennis

Thanks Denn10,

I'll have to give the mod a shot, I may be calling you when I do. Have fun on that CBR!

No problem bro call anytime if you need something. Had a good first ride on the CBR the 4th we went to Newcombs Ranch was awesome got a pretty good feel for riding a sportbike its all new since ive only ridden MX bikes so still alot to learn and more speed to get LOL

I have some washers for the needle if you want one got a 6 pac from Lowes

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