2003 WR450 Battery box pictures

I need some detailed pictures of the 2003 battery box, I am considering buying the parts to use on my 2001 WR to hold the battery.

My 2001 has the 2005 bodywork swap so I am using a 2005 airbox and subframe.

Any posts with pictures of the seat off showing how the battery box is attached anywhere?


I have an 02, so I don't have any pics, but I was wondering what you would put a battery on your bike for? Did you swap to a later motor with elec start?

Hey TS, let me know if you need a different angle. This is on an '06.


EDIT: If the '06 box is not the same as what you are looking for, let me know, I will take it down.





Hey thank you so much Scott!

I am not sure if the 05 and 06 are the same, I will cross reference part numbers now.

I am just looking for a good place to put the battery as I am doing up a hybrid (of sorts) DS kit for the newest bike I am building, which is a 2001 with the 2005 body swap conversion.

Hey BTW, all of my relatives are in Kilgore/Tyler and a few of the are Texas A&M alumni !

No problem TS, if you can't be a Texan, at least be kin to some. And Aggies count twice.:thumbsup: My Grandma lives in Tyler.

Good luck on your project.

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