lost oil fill plug

I was riding today and looked down and my boot was covered in oil. I immediately shut my bike off and noticed the oil fill plug was missing. I could not find it but I was to pissed off to look that hard. After a 3 mile push back to my truck I loaded it up and took it home. I did not see any oil on the trail as I was walking back. I drained the oil when I got home and there was still a lot of oil in the bike and my magnetic plug did not have any metal chunks on it. I am going to get a new plug tomorrow and see what happens after I put new oil in it. Any had a similar Experience? It's an 03 wr450

I haven't lost one on my Yammie but I have seen it happen. I would buy a gallon of Rotella T 15W40 and flush the bike with four sequential flushes using the entire gallon before I would change it for a regular service interval. The crank case pressure goes positive and negative quickly and could have sucked anything in your case. It is cheap insurance. If it were me, I would go just a couple minutes on the first, then five, then two changes of ten minutes. Then put your regular stuff in there. Of course, I am looking at this from having a reusable filter, I'm not sure what you have.

Good luck AK.


Thanks. I have a reusable one. That sounds like a good idea to flush it a few times.

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