linkage seal removal

I wanna remove my linkage seals so I can powdercoat the links. Getting the bearings out is no big deal, just wanna know if I can just push out the seals without ruining them.

Read all the posts on re greasing the bearings, but couldn't find anything on removing the seals. This is an 07 450.



Removing the seals without damage may prove to be somewhat difficult. There are very few instances where seals can or should be re-used once extracted. The bearing races will also need to come out.

Bear in mind, the linkage is aluminum, and should not be subjected to heat in excess of 325 degrees. A better idea would be to anodize it.

Thanks Gray - do the races come out easily or do they need to be pressed out?

Anodizing would be my preference, but there is no one in the entire state of HI that does it. I have my own home powdercoating setup and I do limit the temp to 325 on alum parts.

BTW - do you have a source for the info on the max temp for aluminum? I was telling this to the guy who powdercoated my frame, and he hadn't heard of it. I'd like to show him a good source. (I had him do my frame at 325 btw)

First, you have to understand that there are a lot of aluminum alloys, and some are more sensitive to heat than others. It pretty much breaks down into "heat treatable" and "weldable". Those aluminum components that can be welded are generally much less prone to temper modification at moderate heat levels. Billets of certain high strength alloys like 2024 and 7075 can be adversely affected by temperatures as low as 100-200 C, (212-425 F). Castings and forgings might fall into either category, depending on the alloy used.

Complicated welded structures like frames can also deform if heated to the point where changes in the metals begin to occur. Another hazard is that aluminum is heat treated and aged in solutions, with air being excluded. Baking a PC job is done in an oven.

It's such a complicated subject that it's hard to find any simple, definitive info in print, and I'm not a metallurgist. So, the 350 degree "barrier" is a kind of general rule to follow that should keep you out of trouble. That's the best I can do.

The seals pop out easily with a screw driver. Just stick it under and carefully pry it up (from the inside not the outer edge). I would not remove the bearings unless you are replacing them. they are very tight.

thanks guys

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