Can I run both headlight filaments at the same time?

I want to run both filaments at the same time in order to make my life easier. The DOT requires me to have a high and lo beam. I figured I could run both fiaments for the high, as long as it won't cause any problems from heat, electrical problems etc...

So what is the verdict? Is it safe or no?


For short durations it's fine but your wanted feature shouldn't be hard wired in.

I usually just toggle between the 'hi and lo' position when I absolutly feel I need more lighting then once the 'need' (or dark corner) is gone, I toggle back to Hi or Lo again.

The techno answer to your question is your 'return wire' or Neutral wire is doing double duty and you need to realize it was designed for only one load.

Your best bet is first understand if your stator can comfortably support the load you are demanding from it, (Rule of thumb in maxing out electrical calcs is @ 80% load cap.) If your stator can't supply the needed load check out "ricky stator" or one of the other HP stator companies out there to supply you with the proper current you demand. Then change out the 55/60 watt lamp with a 80/100 or whatever lights your life like a pair of 100 watt Dolly Pardon liikin' monsters to the bars.

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