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hey guys, i got a TTR 125L currently but am craving more power. I can ride friends 250 2 strokes without a problem, i am 5'9" and 165 lbs. Now i found a 02 YZ 426 that apparently hasent seen much use in the last year or so and just wanted to know what you guys thought of it at 4000$ with all gear, now remember i live in Canada and the resale of bikes is very high because the used market is shit.

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sorry, im not sure which one works lol

come on guys, i need some encouragement so my dad will let me buy it....he dosent realize what you get when you buy used, in my opinion, it only needs a bit of soap.

If someone can get 4000 for any 426 here that would be great.....I remember when you could sell them after the frirst or second year and not take such a hit on them......those days a history here in the states. I realize you are in Canada - I have no idea what the used market there is...but 4k sounds really high to me. If I was you, I would come south and pick up a 04-06 450. I know some people selling 06s for around 4000.00. The newer bikes 06/07s are so much better than the 03-05s and the 03-05s are so much better than the 99-02s.

I say shop some more......:thumbsup:

Is that $4000 Canadian or US?

I believe that's $4000 CAD (which should be around $3700 USD).

Still too much for me - I'd drive south and pay any required taxes if you can't sneak it back over. Seems like it would still be cheaper.


that is wayyyyyy too high! You can find 450's for cheaper than that!

if you want to come to the states i know where you can find a 02 WR/YZ 426 for about half of that :thumbsup:

$4000 CDN is $3263 USD. Used 426's typically sell for $1800-2500 USD here. Better be some really nice gear.

$4000 CDN is $3263 USD. Used 426's typically sell for $1800-2500 USD here. Better be some really nice gear.

Where are you getting your exchange rates?

The one on XE shows 0.93392 (4000 x 0.93392 = 3735). :thumbsup:

A far cry from 0.60 in the fall of 2002 when I bought my CAN 2003 model Hondas. :thumbsup:

well, i think i might be able to talk him down, but i live in a very rural area and the used market is next to nothing, so i have to take what i can get

You would still be way ahead of the game if you found a cheaper used one and paid to have it freighted/shipped to you. As everyone else already stated, that sounds like way too much.

Use all of your online resources and find yourself a better deal.

in my opinion, it only needs a bit of soap.

could end up being a REAL expensive bike if something went wrong with that engine. YIKES! don't think i'd pay anywhere near that for it.

I'm in Manitoba, Canada and just sold my 04 YZ250F with new plastic, chain, sprockets, valve job, etc. for 3800... i'm SURE you can get a better deal.

i'd get him down to $3000 before even thinking about seriously purchasing it

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