A few newbie questions. Just bought a '99 yz400f

Hey guys, this is my first post to this site.

I just bought a '99 yz400f that is in need of new plastics and a new tank.

I was wondering if any tanks from other bikes would work (say, a yz250 or a newer 426, etc). I'm looking for a used one on ebay, and there isn't much there.

Also, since I'm going to replace all the plastics, I figured I'd go black in color. Know where I can get a complete black plastics kit? Thanks!


hey dylan... welcome to tt

I have a 99 400 also and just put an ims 3.4g on mine. did a white one. looks

great. I bought it form atvgalaxy i think on ebay for 200.00 shipped.the stock tank is like 1.8 and we trail ride alot, so i went for more gals.

i think ims and clark both make tanks for that bike. Most of the listings show the same number for 400 and 426. I have seen plastic set on pit posse and bike bandit and a few on ebay, but not much. you micht also chec the "TT" store also. my stock tank one had a leak,my fault, and first bought a used on on ebay and it leaked..... the guy sent my money right back and the only one i could find was the new one.

bike bandit has oe listings and you could check oe numbers on the other bikes to see if they will swap. The rad shrouds are different numbers from the 400 to 426, but not sure what the diff is. i think it is diff radiators.

if you have tech questions, check the "sticky" at the top of this forum, there is tons of info on those bikes here

have fun


The TT store can get you any clarke tank or IMS tank that is made... If memory serves me right im 85.9978% sure that the yz426 tank would fit and if my brain tells my fingers correctly thats a clarke part number 1388 or 1338.. i just put one on my 02 WR. :thumbsup:

Black plastics will be tough to get for that bike but possibly doable. I looked for a while for mine but gave up and just went with blue again. If i have to deal with a big headache and backorders now i dont wanna do it again when i need replacements..

Thanks for the tips guys!

Yeah, I just bought the bike without a tank at all... The guy had it off, and the tank (not the bike) got too close to a welding project, and POOF.

Well, the rest of the plastics are in pretty poor shape, but the frame, engine and rest of the components are clean. I picked up the bike for $800.

I plan on going dual sport with it. I have a local licensing place that will issue me a plate.

Okay, I looked at IMS, and they say that they have "blue" and "natural". I didn't see white listed. I'll check with the other vendors though.

Thanks again!


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