Hrc Power Up Kit, The $1000 One

This Is For A Street Legal 2002 Xr650r Uncorked, Big Gun Exhaust And Air Box Mods.

Does It Make That Much Of A Difference?

Will It Hold Up As Long As The Stocker?

I Put A Ton Of Desert Miles On My Brp, Street And Dirt. A 400 Mile Day To Night Ride In The Dirt Is Not Out Of The Ordinary.


While the HRC 650R PU kit provides both power and durability gains, I think the design and consenus is that it provides a bigger durability gain that horsepower gain.

Honestly I think it is a little overpriced. Mainly the piston. I think the piston alone is over $400. You could get a J&N or a wiseco and use the rest of the kit to save some money. The only other thing is that if you use it down in Baja it wont like the pump gas.

A decent cam can help quite a bit, especially with top end power. You can look up the HRC cam part number and then order it from Service Honda ($350) via internet or get a Hotcams Stage 2 ($200) from what I have been reading. I have the HRC cam and like it. As far as I know, it is the only one that retains the stock auto-decompressor.

I would go up 1-2 sizes on the main jet to a 178 or 180 with HRC cam swap. You may need a 70S pilot and to raise the needle 1 clip, but start with the main jet tuning first.

For the price, there are only certain parts of the HRC kit that are worth it and the rest you can get from other manufacturers for much cheaper with the same result. As mentioned, the piston is overpriced; Ross makes several different pistons for the 650 (or 680, if your feeling ambitious) that are much cheaper. Likewise, several other manufacturers have cam grinds almost identical to the HRC unit but for much cheaper; I'd recommend trying Barnum's Pro. However, the HRC kit does have some nice parts like the cam chain and guides that are much more durable than stock. :thumbsup:

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