Dual Sport Conversions in CA - Still Possible?

Last I knew - we're not supposed to be able to plate a previously green-stickered only XR650 in Kalifornia anymore because of the changes in the law. However, I heard a rumor that there is a loophole to be exploited? Something about paying a dealer and getting the proper paperwork and sticker? Anybody hear of people still being able to convert a bike to D.S. in CA? Or am I just hearing tall tales, or perhaps blowback from some shady manuevering? Anybody done it recently?

No, thats it

There are some loopholes, but even if you get a plate there is no guarantee that you will be able to keep it. If you are really dead set on having a plated XRR the best option is to purchase a bike that was plated prior to the Feb 28, 2004 cutoff. Probably not the answer you wanted but it is the most realistic :thumbsup:

You can plate in California, it just takes some crafty maneuvering and patience, or go to Az to do it............in a non emmisioned county w/ an AZ address......

I have my CA plated XR with Baja Designs E-start kit on ebay for sale. There is one option for anyone who wants a plated dual sport bike with e-start.

Wish I didn't have to sell.

Item #150133808242

If you do get it plated in CA from green sticker, there is a risk that the DMV can take it away at a later date.

If you get one from out of state (not a previous CA bike) then make sure to list more than 7500 miles when performing the title change. I remember seeing a loophole for that when I was researching. I have heard that people are not successfully registering out of state street legal bikes in California.

We need to push Honda to update their dual sport bike(s) or go DRZ400/KTM525.

Great thread guys...

I have personal legal experience in the area and, many others here on TT have some useful insight for you. I bought a bike from someone who brought it in from NM. The DMV couldn't verify mileage and told me to pound sand...

I called the Air Resources Board and talked to their para legals...they told me I could sue the seller. I took the seller to small claims and prevailed. The seller was an attorney, just a crappy one...

Follow the advice given and buy a used XR no newer than 2003 and you'll be fine...Thats what I did but I tricked it out for baja racing and don't care to ride on the street at all...If and when I go to sell her, she'll command a $1,000-$1500 premium because there are a lot of guys like you who want to ride on the street too, for whatever reason.

It's also true that you can get certain dealers to backdoor you through the DMV.. My buddies know which DMV's to go to and I even have a friend who knows which window to go to on what days...This forum has had threads about guys who have recently gotten their revocation letters from the DMV...

Good luck man!!!


We need to push Honda to update their dual sport bike(s) or go DRZ400/KTM525.

Ah yes we do but will they listen and do they even care?

Many BRP fans are sworn off of KTMs, although the new ones look cool. Honda doesn't care but I could be wrong...

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