Save $ on your fork seals..

After 2 years of swiping my leaky fork seals for a couple of leak free rides at a time ,I broke down and replaced the seals myself.

A friend coached me through the process which is not hard at all, and shared with me the fact that the honda seals for a '96 cr250r will fit yz's and wr's. From Yamaha of Troy the oil seals for the wr are $9.22 each , and dust seals $13.83 each, $46.10 total before shipping.

The Honda seals are sold as a set w/1 oil, 1 dust seal for $12.62 per set! $25.24 total before shipping.

The honda part # is 51490-mac-741

I have a few rides on the new seals and they are smooth as butter! :) Use the money you save to replace the fork pistons and glide bearings.

thanks, that's a great tip!

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