Ims Fuel Tank Trouble!!!!!!!!!!!

i bought this tank rad braces won't work with it and when i get low enough for reserve with 3 to 4 visible inches of fuel in my natural colored tank i got nothin i pulled the line off and got no fuel i pulled it off the petcock and it poured everywhere maybe when it gets that low there is not enough pressure to push the fuel up the hill that they have you route the line on if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it please help me. thanks 05 wr 450

I had the same problem with my IMS 3.3 tank so I cut my fuel line as short as I could. I have it come from the petcock, up and just over the chock lever then down to the carb nipple. I works now. If you run it real low you can stop, tilt the bike to the left and let the fuel drain over then hit it again. If your that low you are into it abou 100 miles though.

As for braces I went with the Unibiker braces. If you order them request the bracket for the IMS tank and it will work. These are the beefiest braces Ive seen.

cool thanks so much i'm heading to the garage with my snips right now, where can i get the unibiker braces? thanks again

You can get them right here at the TT store!! If you do a search the guy who makes them is a user as well. I e-mailed him directly and he helped me get what I needed. If you just make sure to tell them what tank you have the TT store will pass it on.

thanks again i'll order up.

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