Terrafirma III dual exhaust???

Not expecting anyone to know this, but thought I'd fire off a shot in the dark: I ordered an old copy of Terrafirma III from amazon, I used to watch it all the time as a kid, well, 16 year old kid! Anyway, since being a 16 year old kid I have made the best purchase of my life thus far, a 1993 XR600R, it is THE love of my life! The very first segment in that video is of Johnny Campbell haulin' a$$ through the desert on a 600 like mine. Point is, I just happen to notice at one point, his XR has dual exhaust??? :thumbsup: When/where/how is this available???? Could this be something available for purchase, or more than likely, a custom, one off part that only someone like Johnny Campbell would be privvy to??? Anybody with anything would be awesome. GO!


Did it look like this one here on a 650 ?

The article read : "Cracks were developing in the stainless steel exhaust twin pipe system. They should have brazed the flanges, rather than heli-arced them "

" Mufflers are light, small and delightfully barky. There's noise and there's music; this was a symphony of sound "


No, it was a late model XR600R and they were on either side of the rear tire, one on the left, one on the right, but thank you very much for trying! That actually looks kinda cool on the brp though.

DUDE!!! HUffa 2, you are the MAN!!! That is EXACTLY what I was talking about! THat dude who knows Johnny Campbell needs to pipe up and let us all know where we can scrounge up a set of those, that is the trickest thing I've seen for a late model XR600.

Those duals they ran on the xr6?? Team bikes were hand made specials. I am semi-certain that Johnnys brother, Jaime, made them. Jaime doesn't make bike parts anymore.

Along with the exhaust were some sets of custom left side number plates (to accomdate the muffler).

In '99 when Honda moved on to the 650's Precision Concepts ended up with most of the trick 600 parts.

They gave us a set of exhaust and side plate and we built a cool 600 just for grins. I remember TT'er "surfnride" hammering that poor bike one day on a huge jump.

A year or so later when we were done abusing the 600 we gave the exhaust & plate back to PC.

I am certain that those trick parts are either gone or that they won't be sold.

I very much doubt you'll find a set (maybe weak copies, not originals).

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