YZ426F Starting after it stalls.....

Hello All,

Need some assistance please ... I have recently purchased a 2002 YZ426F and at first I thought I purchased a lemon as I was not able to master the technique of starting this bike. Now, I am able to start the bike when cold on the first or second kick, which I know at least feel comfortable starting it when it is cold. Now I still fear when I get in the woods and the bike stalls, I am not able to get it started quickly at all.. Any recommendations, I am sure I will get use to it and it will become much easier but for now it is driving me crazy..

Thanks for your help...


After a stall or a fall? Have you tried using the hot start?

After a stall, I have only been riding once so far. thanks

Yeah, hot start will solve all of your problems most likely. Make sure to push it back in once it starts back up!

Also after a stall and it wont start. Pull in the decompression lever and kick it through 10-20 times while holding the throttle wide open will clear it out and then try starting it pulling out the hot start. They are tricky bikes to get started but once mastered its not that bad.

i normally don't kick through 1 million times. i only kick through if the bike flooded and won't start. just find tdc and kick (with hot start on). this may take a couple of tries but it will turn over...don't go through the long tireless process of opening the throttle then kicking through 20 times etc unless you have to.

it takes a little getting used to but it will come quick. at first, i would sit for 20mins after stalling trying to get the damn bike to turn over. now i have fine tuned my starting process and my bike will start under 3 kicks even after falling + flooding. i start it faster than my friends 03 450:D

+1 for hot start

Pull the hot start and try to restart

If it doesn't start:

Pull in decomp lever and kick 3-6 times to clear it

Try to restart again

That process works evertime for me. Once you get used to riding the bike, starting it and the tasks needed to do so will be second nature.

Thanks for all of your responses....

I recenly purchased an 02 YZ426 and had the very same concern. I was scared to death to stall it in the woods and getting stranded. Of course, within 3 minutes of hitting the trails it stalled cause I was used to riding 2 strokes, not big 4's. Big difference in clutch and response. Anyway, point to the story is not to get nervous and start rushing. Take your time, and follow the steps. If the bike is hot, always use the hot start and it makes life so much easier. After figuring out the tricks, I rode my bike 2 days hard and didn't have one time where I couldn't get it started, hot or cold.

Good luck, you are going to love the bike, it's money!


I have a 01 426 with a million [ok maybe a couple less] miles most desert/baja and NEVER use hot start. I do have a problem with the carb. overfilling and leaking out resulting in flooding and hard starts, I just learned to turn off the gas when I stop. When it does stall and does'nt want to start a couple kicks with the compression release pulled does the trick.

Hot start works every time. Don't forget to push it back in!

Hi Dave

I recently sold my 2001 WR426F which was probably one of the nicest bikes I've ever ridden once I figured out the starting cold and hot. I bought this bike from a friend who hardly used it mainly because he got tired of the starting.

What I found to be the easiest way to start when cold is with choke on twist the throttle twice, let go of the throttle, pull in the compression release, kick through 2 or 3 times, get on TDC, pull in the compression and as you kick hard release the compression and it should fire real easy. I could let my bike sit for a real long time and I was able to get it started this way on the first or second try. When you stall try this same procedure with the hot start.

I sold this bike a few months ago and hated to see it go, but I resolved that today. I picked up a new 2007 WR250F.



I agree witht the hot start button for a stall or fall....what I did is, installed a DR. D hot start kit. It allows you to use your right thumb to activate the hot start butoon...no reaching down and pulling it out and pushing back in (kinda of a pain with gloves on) You can get them for about 70 bucks....and it only took five minutes to put on......It is well worth the money if you are trail riding alot.

good luck, Axman

I Had the exact same experience, and as my bike was, i think, not well maintained by the previous owner it turned out the carb and valves both needed adjustment.

I had to push the bike three miles back to my shop once and was pretty disgusted at the time. tried ALL af the above mentioned techniques and though they usually worked, not this time.

After having the adjustments made I was informed that my carb had a stripped fuel mix screw, they changed it and I still had the starting prob's.

SO, as you will see in a post I should make shortly, I bought and installed the Edelbrock carb for this bike and WHAM!

Easy adjustments all the way around, no choke and no hot start!

Starts everytime now and though I've not yet dumped or stalled it I am feeling real good about how it starts.

Oh Yea, the response is awesome.


I have only used the hot start on my 01 426 a few times

usually she starts right up one kick hot or cold

if its hard to start all the time might wanna check valves (tight valves mean hard starting)

I did have trouble at first also but now its a one kick deal hot or cold rain or shine

I heard the edelbrock quicksilver pumper makes life a lot easier thats what I have on my '03 450f it kicks ass!!! Just three or four twists on the throttle and it usually starts on the first kick from cold. I haven't even had a single problem with a tip over or a hot start.:thumbsup:

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