YZF400 Wiring

Ok...I have a 1999 YZF400 ebay bike that is almost done. The only thing keeping the bike from running is the wiring. Can some one please help me with it because I have no idea what to do. I have everything but the kill switch but I am using an extra toggle switch for the time being. The bike has an edelbrock carb rather then stock so that wire is not hooked up but i dont think that should effect it.

Every thing was hooked up the way I thought it should be and I wasnt getting any spark. Looked at all the wiring and found that when I unwrapped them from the electrical tape, there were alot of dead ends and I didnt know if this was right or wrong. I dont know if any one knows what im talking about but I will get pictures of it tomorrow to help.

Any help would be appreciated because I dont know what to do. By any chance, would there be like blue prints of the wiring somewhere?

Holy crap! I just went out to take some pictures of it and i found out my bro tried fixing it and its a mess. Please, if some one can help me out with this..you would be saving me a LARGE head ache. If you need more pictures just let me know.







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