Stalls under Hard Braking

I ride an 06' WR450. How can I stop it from stalling itself out under hard braking. I have the clutch in and sliding into a corner and it feels like the chain is rocking back and forth then shuts off. it will even stall when braking, rolling down a hill.

The idle is too low.

and/or the float bowl level is way off.

I vote for a low lying float.

Are you using the rear brake? They are different to ride than the 2 strokes.

I had a similar problem on my '05 in that it would stall very easily at low throttle openings.

Turned out the mixture was too rich so I wound the fuel screw in approx 1/2 then 3/4 of a turn and that smoothed out the engine idle alot, which reduced but did not eliminate stalling.

Initially i wound up the engine idle to try to prevent the stalling but that just led to the bike "running away" from me on tight downhills.

Hope this helps

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