Where is my bike from!?

I bought my WR 450 (I think it's an '05) in Thailand, where they are not officially imported or supported so you are at the mercy of the private importers.

I was led to believe it was an Australian model but how can i check?

Did a frame / engine number search without any luck.

Frame Number is: *JYACJ07W000000376*

Anybody know where to find the country model and the year from the frame number on the 'net?


By reading the frame number, the "J" the first letter of the number tells me that your bike is of Japanese manufacture. but there is no number in there to tell me the year. It should be the 10th digit in the VIN, and you have a 0. I don't know what to think.


OK cheers Jim, thats a start.

Number looks pretty similar to mine. The 07's can be identified by a label on the subframe under the seat. For the 07, the following is true:




If you look under the "General Specifications" in your manual, the Model Code Number should be mentioned. Funny thing was I would have thought mine here in Brunei would be an Aus model, but its not - its a European model. Go figure

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