going tarded (need help)

well ive decided to go to the dark side and convert my xr600 to supermoto what size rims and tires do you guys recomend

well I did it for my xr650...

went with a 3.25 in the front I believe?? and 4.5 in the rear, though i've heard that 4.25 works just as well. So long as you're nto racing .. the 4.25 will work well.

call factoryproracing.com

They did really really well by me in terms of customer service.. by pass ECW though.

Also.. i went with a 160 rear with the 4.5 rear and witha 4.25 that might be to much, try a 150 for better effect.

Again Kirk at factory pro is real good with feedback/ input

i am gonna be racing at the local track so please take that into consideration i saw one that was i think 5.6 whatabout that size

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