2000 WR 400 F Carb Questions

I just bought a 2000 WR 400 used and is in good shape. However, I might have some carb problems. It starts right up with the choke but will not run once the choke is put back in. Even after the bike has completely warmed up (hot) after running several minutes with the choke on it doesn't want to sit and idle. It just doesn't want to run good until it has been ridden around for a while. After it has been ridden for a while it runs fine. Tried the idle adjustment to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Spokane, I had the same problem with my bike. My problem was that when I was cleaning out my carb I put the Slide plate (in the carb) on upside down. The notch on the plate makes it seem almost impossible to get it wrong but trust me, it can easily be put on wrong. Maybe the guy you bought it from recently cleaned out the carb and made this mistake. Do yourself a favor and take the carb apart and blow out all the passages and ports and check everything. All it takes is one little piece of dirt to cause problems.

Dan :)

Before you try Dan's suggestion, try the fuel screw adjustment first.

If your bike runs better at idle with choke on then it sounds like it is running too lean (choke richens the air/fuel mixture). Do you have "popping" on deceleration or an idle that "hangs" too high?

If so, all you MAY need to do is adjust OUT your fuel screw to richen the idle mixture.

The fuel screw is at the bottom of the carb on the cylinder head side. It requires a very short flat head screwdriver to adjust. Turn it in all the way to check the current position (# of turns). Then back it out maybe 1/2 turn more than it was (based on your description). Don't go more than 2.75 turns out. If you need that much, put in the next size higher pilot jet. You can easily change the jet by draining the float bowl, loosen and rotate the carb, then removing the nut at the bottom of the float. Access the pilot jet with a thin flat blade scredriver. If you take your old one with you to your local shop, they might be able to just match up with their batch of Keihin jets so you don't have to order one ...

If that doesn't help out then take the carb off and try Dan's suggestion.

Good luck,

Steve T

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